Q. I had a question about Bulimia. I have tried to do some research on Bulimia, but can’t find the answer. I have some body image problems, I am a little overweight and worry alot about it. I exercise 5 to six times a week and eat well. Sometimes I binge on certain healthy foods and sometimes purge. Do bulimics purge everyday? and also do they purge on bad foods or is it any type of foods? I only purge a few times a month so wasn’t sure if I would be considered having a disorder. I don’t have any of the bad side effects that I have read about. Can you tell me what you think?

A. I think that anytime you are making yourself throw up food for the purposes of “not gaining weight” this would constitute some type of eating disorder. Maybe purging a few times a month is not officially diagnosable by the standard diagnosing manual used by clinicians but it is enough to say that you have a problem and are on the verge of a very serious one.

Eating disorders are very serious disorders. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all psychiatric disorders. You are already exercising to control your weight so why the purging? It’s important that you stop that dangerous behavior. If you cannot stop purging on your own, get help for it. You can correct your dangerous behaviors and negative thinking about yourself with the help of a good therapist. You should seek out a good therapist and realize the behaviors you are engaging in are very serious and dangerous.