Q: I’ve been feeling depressed for alittle over two years(since 7th grade) and its really starting to get to me. I’ve been able to hide it from my
family and friends but now its starting to show through. My parents are constantly degrading me, calling me a worthless little b****. My dad tells me that all i am is a dissapointment and i reall y believe it because i mess up everything that i do. I am constantly being compared to my little sister who is a perfect daughter and straight A student (my GPA is 91.75). I am being told daily that im not good enough and n will never make it in the world. My parents have been telling me these things ever since i can remember. Also, my dad just got a DWI and i have lost all faith in him. He tells me not to do this and that, but he go’s against his own teachings. I have also been think about suicide and how i could finally escape from all these feelings of pressure and worthlessness. i cry almost every night and am completly withdrawn from eveything. What’s causing this?

A. I am sorry that your parents treat you the way they do. It’s not fair that you have to be subjected to those types of emotional and verbal abuses. They are very, very wrong to do so. Most likely they are unaware of the power of their words or they put you down to cover their own insecurities and psychological problems. You are going through a turbulent period simply based on your age. Erikson, refers to this as “Identity vs Identity Confusion.” Everyone goes through it. This is a time for you to find your identity, who you are as a person. Know that suicide is NOT the answer-EVER. I would suggest that you find someone to talk to about how you are feeling-immediately. Try talking to your parents. They may have no idea what they say affects you the way it does. If you are not comfortable doing that, talk to a relative that you trust or talk to a school counselor or a teacher. You’re on an emotional roller coaster. Hang on- the ride ends for everyone and you will look back on it as being a rough, frightening ride but it will end. When it’s all over, your feet will be on solid ground. Please don’t give up I truly believe, just talking to a caring therapist would make your life so much better. Stay in touch.