Q. My sister is always lying about the smallest matter. I need to know how I can remedy this disorder? I am at ends wits as the whole family is suffering and we’re ready to disown her so that she can learn what the real world is all about woithout us being her safety net. Now how can we derive to the conclusion that she suffers from this illness and what realistic steps can we as a family follow to save her life. She has one child and another on the way and is only 23 years old. She is clearly not mentally syable to be on her own and I’m aware that we are spoiling her but is harshness a form of cure. She will not be willing o go for counselling and anyway I as her older sister have no more financial resources available to aid her. Please help us!!!

A. This is a very good situation for family counseling. Even if your sister does not want to go with the family, the therapist can help you with techniques to deal with your sister. Remember everything you do will have an impact on your sister. Your efforts might help but they also might hurt her. It is the greatest responsibility that you act in the capacity of counselor or therapist. Are you sure that you are qualified? Will you be able to accept the hurt and responsibility if your actions hurt your sister? A few sessions with a family counselor will guide you with educated advice. I can not recommend you do anything without seeking such advice. Good luck.