Q. I was the person who asked the question calle “Weird Symmetry Thing”. You suggested I tell my parents. Well, I’ve told my parents several times and they either laugh it off or tell me to chill and stop being so tense. This also happens when I avoid cracks in the ground, and when I tell them I can’t stop picking my face they tell me over and over that it’s bad and i sould stop otherwise I’ll damage my face. I KNOW that, but they don’t understand that I can’t just stop! I’ve told them so many times too, so I don’t know what do. The time when I was avoiding cracks and my dad told me to chill, I got annoyed. He got annoyed and said “not to get all OCD!”. Like you can MAKE yourself be obsessive comoulsive! So now I can’t talk to them about it and my friends, though they understand, aren’t very helpful and brush it off as nothing serious. What can I do???

A. I am sorry to hear that your parents do not believe you. As you indicated, this is a real problem that you are finding hard to control. I would suggest you talk to a school counselor. Make an appointment with the counselor and tell him or her what has been going on, how it’s been affecting you and how your parents don’t seem to take you seriously. Maybe once you talk to the counselor, he or she can help you talk to your parents or even talk to your parents for you. Maybe hearing it from a mental health professional will make it seem more “real” and maybe then they will take you seriously. Even though they did not hear you, I admire you for talking to your parents and seeking ways to get help. You are doing the right thing. Don’t give up.