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Q. My nephew 17, just tried to commit suicide, he hanged himself but he was discovered before it became final for him. He was at the hospital for 1 month, he is alive but he is never his self anymore, He suffered Hypoxia and has short term amnisea. Sometimes he seems like he is a child again Im at a loss where to seek advice, What can we expect of him and how can we help him not do it again and bring him back to his old self again?

A. Its hard to say what you can expect. All cases are different because all people are different. The research says that the length of time he was unconscious and was without oxygen is related to the amount of brain damage that may have occurred. I would suggest to his parents that they should be in contact with a neurologist as well as getting some type of psychological help. One place you might want to start looking for help for you nephew and his family is the brain injury association for America at Their phone number nationally is 1-800-444-6443. Another good site that may help you is the Also, many communities have local brain injury chapters that can point you in the right direction for additional help. Visiting these websites and contacting a local brain injury chapter might be good places to start in your search for advice. I wish you the best of luck.



Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

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