Q. I am trying to figure out if I am depressed or something else totally. I have since I can remember have had extended periods of the blues, where I just dont feel like life is worth living. I have had no enthusiam for anything, hence my 10 year college career where I just graduated because it was time. I would have to say that most of my days I just sit around hating everything about me. I think about suicide but here is the problem, most people dont see me how I am really thinking. To most people I am like this happy person, and I know thats how they think so suicide has always been out of the question because I dont want people to realize who I am. The problem is that it is getting so hard to fake it with in the past 10 months. I go to work and I sit and stare and accomplish nothing most days. At night I am crying a lot. I dont even know why I began to feel like this in the first place, since nothing ever tramatic has happened to me in my life. I had a middle class life with both parents. I cant figure it out. I am trying to figure out if this is depression or something totally different.

A. While, I cannot give you a diagnosis online, it certainly sounds like you are depressed. Though you cannot pinpoint the cause for your depression, that does not mean you aren’t depressed. The causes for your depression will be discovered by your therapist, that’s his job. Your job is to make that initial appointment and to be sure to keep all future appointments. It does not matter what caused you to start feeling depressed in the first place, it’s enough to just know that you are now depressed. Therapy could help you relieve your depression. A therapist can help you analyze your current thoughts and feelings to bring you the relief you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend that you seek help from a good experienced therapist. I wish you the very best of luck.