Q. I have seen many doctors over the years. I am now seeing a therapist and a doctor. I love my therapist and we get alot of issues talked over. My doctor has me on cymbalta, trazadone, klonapin, wellbutrin, lamictal, gabitril, and effexor. I have been on these meds for over 2 years. I do not feel any relief. I am very depressed and I know suicide is NOT a option for me. All i can do is the basic life functions, work, fix meals for my 4 kids, laundry and that is all, I do not have the strength to even take a shower most days, I just stare out into space and think: Why do I feel like this. Nothing has changed in my life to make me feel worse and i have gone over this with my therapist. I have asked my doctor if i can get off my meds, He says it is all in my head and I have some chemical imbalance. He wont change my medications. I go once a month to the doctor, he asks me how i feel, if i say good, he writes out my meds and off i go, if i say bad, her writed my meds and off i go, what is the point?? Should i get a second oppion?

A. You should definitely get a second opinion. Not only should you get a second opinion about the medications you are taking and the doctor you are seeing, you might want to consider a new therapist. If you have been in therapy for two years and have made no progress, you might need a change. Not everyone agrees that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance. There are other treatments available.

As for getting a new doctor, it’s hard to know who’s good. Maybe you can ask around a little but it might just take you scheduling appointments with a few different doctors and going in to see who you like. Most doctors now a days usually just prescribe the medications. But if you are with one that will not change your medication and this is unacceptable to you, I’d try making appointments with a few new doctors and trying that out until you find one you are comfortable with. Don’t stop looking until you find the one who makes you feel the most comfortable, or at least you feel is listening to you. There are good doctors and good therapists out there and you deserve to be treated by them. Please don’t think you are stuck. You have choices. Good luck.