Q. My mother has been suffering from mental health problems for the last 20 years. ever since the birth of myself and the death of her mother. When she refused help from her family and became a danger to my sister and I my father left and took us with him. I regularly meet her and last week my mother,sister and i went on holiday for a week. since i remember she has always been crazy but not 24 hours a day. shouting at random people,cheeking the codes on banknotes and shopping items,giggling like a child regularly,giving obscure advice,mood swings,no manners whatsoever and most significantly,for her anyway,a constant quest to relate things by name.for example, “look that boat is called rigby. thats the same name as my first dog”. she constantly does this making at least 10 associations a day. The holiday was the first time i had spent more than 7 hours with her at one time. During the course of the week her symptoms intestified greatly until eventually she could not properly communicate with my sister of myself. all the symptoms I discussed earlier became absolutely constant. this went on for the final four and a half days. i for the first time told her that i thought she had mental issues. She replyed angrly and was in complete denial. i was wondering if you thought that this was bipolar disorder and also if her symptoms could magnify is there a chance that drugs could suppress the symptoms.

A. Without a much deeper investigation into your mother’s mental health, I cannot give you a definitive answer as to her diagnosis. Depending on what her illness is, if she does indeed have an illness, her symptoms could get worse. I cannot say this with certainty. She could have bipolar disorder and if she did, there are medications that can help her relieve some of the symptoms that you are describing. However, since she is denying her illness and did become angry at your for mentioning it to her, it will be hard to convince her to seek help or to take medications.