Q. Over the past two months, about, I have been expierencing episodes of, I would say, extreme anger. Over the smallest things. Like, lastnight, my boyfriend woke me up in the middle of the night, and I got so angry that i started to tremble and my heart was raceing so fast I could feel it in my ears. Since we are visiting his brother, I did all I could to hold on to my composure, witch I still didnt do very well. I started to cuss and swear at my boyfriend, but all I really wanted to do is scream and yell and get violent twords him. This has happened a few times over only the past couple of months or so. I have never been an angry person. I have never really been violent. I have always been able to control myself when I got upset, and It usedto take ALOT to get me angry enought to yell at someone. It scares me when I get that angry. I dont know where it is coming from. I dont know how to handle it. I am afraid that the next time, I will lose waht little control I have and hurt someone, or even myself. I am a single mom who recently gave temporary custody mf my daughter over to her dad so that I can do some traveling and find a place to settle again. I have also recently battled a Crystal Meth addiction, (I have been clean for 4 months, and I was only useing for 3 months). I have been traveling for two weeks, walking from Georgia to California, on sort of a soul searching mission. Is all this anger an overload of stress? Or am I really that person underneath the easy going, nothing bothers me exterior?

A. No your anger is not normal. It could have a physiological basis or a psychological basis but anger is never healthy. The fact that you have it now but did not before is another sign that this should be dealt with soon. You should see a physician to rule out physical problems and if it’s not physical, then you should seek professional counseling.