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Subconsious/unconscious block to weight loss?

Q. To make a long story short…..I was sexually abused as a young child by another girl. I have ranged in weight since that time. I was heavy in grade school, thin through my teenage years and now heavy again (5’2″ and about 40 pounds overweight), since being married (16 years). I am married to an alcoholic but very much in love with him, even though i have had multiple affairs (when yo-yo dieting and thinner). We have two beautiful children. I try to lose weight but as soon as I start doing good, I stop. I am attractive and do get a lot of looks now. I also used to be a smoker for almost 20 years but quit six months ago. Do I somehow have a subconsious block to lose weight? Help?? I want to turn 40 and be as healthy as I can be.

A. You should become familiar with behavior modification weight loss programs. Contact universities to see if they have any of these programs available, they often do. You need to make changes to your eating habits so that weight loss is not temporary but permanent. Deal with the eating behaviors and give up on dieting.

Subconsious/unconscious block to weight loss?

Subconsious/unconscious block to weight loss?

Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

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