Q. When my fiancee is up and active he seems to be fine but the minute he sits down he falls asleep and it doesnt matter where we are. We can be at someones house at the doctors office or watching a movie if he makes it through the previews im amazed. This is affecting our relationship in the sense that we dont get to sit and talk our sex life is null and its not to say the least irritating for me. I have looked on the net but nothing seems to fit. Like i said if i can keep him moving he appears to be fine. But man when he sits its all over with. He does get severs charlie horses that last and wont go away and he also is complaining of his ankles hurting ALOT i dont know what is happening and would be forever greatful if you can give me an opinon on what you think this is.

A. He should be evaluated by his primary care physician. If there is nothing wrong physically, then you would need to look for a psychological cause. This problem could be as simple as a sleep disorder or as complicated as drug usage.