Q. I noticed recently, patterened finger movements, thumb to index etc and back, left han, R hand and toget current_problem: 13 yrs, lazy, not motivated by anything, likes ‘stupid’ TV shows,failing 7th grade, summer school necessary,lives with Mom & Grandma, requires repeated commands to do a chore etc. Likes golf, not into social situations, crowds, father out of state although normal phone and visit contact but does not want to live with father as doesn’t like life style there hand/finger movement is voluntary and he is aware, when questioned he says he does patterns Would like info and is this a concern. (Mother bipolar) He diagnoised w ADHD. Stopped meds, doesn’t think he needs. Is this a disorder? Should I seek help?

A. Its impossible to give a diagnosis online. It is best to discuss this with his mother and suggest to her that she (or you) have him evaluated by a mental health professional.