Q. I have a 2 year old child he doesn’t play well with others not even his brother he is violent and he doesn’t share his toys or anything else you can tell him one simple thing and its like he doesn’t understand you but he does he is a smart child but I’m concerned because he is so violent he likes to kick bite pinch shove and punch i cant seem to get him out of this violent streak he doesn’t sit in one place for no longer than a minute and when he does he still moves around he likes to sit and watch movies but he still isn’t still should I take him to a doctor?

A. When in doubt, always check with your pediatrician. This sounds to me however, more like a behavioral problem. Each child is different and must be raised differently. Even if you had raised this child exactly the same way that you raised your other child, the environment is different: this child now has an older brother. Behaviorism is a wonderfully effective technique that every parent should be familiar with. I would highly recommend the following book: Living with Children: New Methods for Parents and Teachers by Gerald R. Patterson. It is available at Amazon for $11.99 new and as low as $1.95 used. I’d be willing to bet that your local library has this book and other books written by Gerald R. Patterson. I would highly recommend this author.