Q. Am I Crazy? I don’t know what is wrong with me. I did have depression in the past and what I am going through doesn’t feel a lot like what I had before. My moods change every 30 minutes at times. I have been like this for a while. I started out about once a week I would have a day where I was going from one exterme to the next. In the past few weeks it has gotten worse. It seems like my moods change for no reason at all. There are times that I will just lay down and cry for what appears to be no reason at all and then 2 hours later I will be happy. I find myself yelling at my son for stupid reasons and then shortly after I am fine again. I truely feel that I am going crazy and the more I think about it the worse I get. I am not sleeping or eating much and when I do eat I feel like I will be sick. Is this something that you feel is a very serious problem and if so can you suggest any places to look into for people with limited income? Thank you in advance.

A. It is impossible to give a diagnosis online. I can say that the problem you are describing could be a very serious problem and you should be evaluated by a mental health professional. Even with limited income, there should be a community mental health center locally that can assist you in getting treatment. Another option to consider is to check out the local universities and colleges in your town. Usually, there are many mental health studies in which study participants can get free evaluations, screenings, medications, treatments and referrals to local help.