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Second opinion about anxiety/depression diagnosis Question

Q. I have been having severe panic attacks and depression for the last few months. My DR has put me on Effexor XR, 150 mgs oer day. I am doing ok for the most past now but still have lots of anxiety. However, sometimes I feel like I am going crazy literally. I feeling like I am going to lose touch with reality and I will end up in a psych ward in a straight jacket and I will not know anyone and nothing will be familiar to me. You see when I have my panic attacks, I only have the mental aspect of the attack and not the physical. I have anxiety attacks in the past but never have they messed with my mind like this. My first bought with anxiety attacks is when I was 19. I am 31 now. Also, in the beginning, when I started taking my Effexor, I would also have paranoid feelings. Not that anyone was out to get me, but rather when I look at people, I would think to myself “Are they evil?” Then I would say to myself that my thoughts were crazy. Also when I was 19 and I had my attacks I could trust no one. I feel distant and alone. I have talked to my therapist and psychiatrist but they both believe that it is part of my anxiety and depression. I have also very intrusive thoughts. They are so horrible I hate to say it but I will for the sake of getting another opinion. I have had thoughts of hurting one of my children. Not plans, but a thought only. I have only had this feeling about him and not the other children. What is wrong with me? Why would I think this? It makes me cry and completely wares me out because I try to analyze why I would think such disturbing thoughts. It is really hard to deal with all of this. I just need another opinion. Is this depression and anxiety? Or is it something more serious? Thank you.

Second opinion about anxiety/depression diagnosis Question


It is impossible for me to give you a diagnosis or refute the diagnosis of your therapist and psychiatrist with out first evaluating you professionally. You should rely on the advice of your therapist and psychiatrist but it is certainly ok to get a second opinion or even a third if you desire to do so. Should other professionals come to the same conclusion as your current ones have, then this would likely act to greatly ease your mind.

Second opinion about anxiety/depression diagnosis Question

Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

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