Welcome to our new Ask the Therapist feature at Psych Central. This is your chance to ask our resident therapist any question you may have on mental health issues, therapy, relationships, sex, you name it! She’ll be happy to take them on and provide you with a public answer here.

Because of the nature of this service, not all questions can be answered here. Answers will always be provided publicly only — this is not a substitute for professional assistance or one-on-one psychotherapy. This is a chance to gain some advice and guidance with an issue in your life.

Our resident therapist is Kristina Randle. Kristina Randle is a licensed psychotherapist with extensive experience in the field of mental health. She works with adults, adolescents, children and families in both individual and group counseling settings. Her background includes Community Mental Health and University Counseling settings. Kristina is also involved in mental health research and has published a number of papers in her field. She also is involved in the emerging field of online counseling as part of university based research. In her practice, Kristina utilizes a Humanistic-Existential framework.

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