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Submitting a Book For Review

Psych Central, as a service to our readers, regularly reviews new books and products that are directly related to mental health, mental illness, psychology, parenting, relationships, and related subjects. Our reviewers are well-read and, on average, have reviewed dozens of books in this genre. Psych Central has published over 1,000 book reviews since 2005.

You’re welcomed to submit a review copy to the address below, care of the Book Review Editor. Reviews may or may not be done, based upon our editorial discretion. We make no guarantees about whether we will review your book, or review your book within a certain timeline. Be forewarned: because of the quantity of books we receive to review, we reject any type of review for more than half of the books we receive.

While we endeavor to be timely with our reviews, if a review is done, it may not be published on our site until 12-14 weeks after we’ve received your book.

Mailing Address

    Psych Central
    Book Review Editor
    55 Pleasant St., Suite 207
    Newburyport, MA 01950

Packages requiring a signature will be returned unopened to sender.

Please do not attempt to followup on the status of your book review, whether we’re going to review a book or not, and when a review may be published. We will not provide any followup information on a book review. If a review is done, it will be published in our book reviews section. (Consider setting up a Google Alert to be alerted if/when your book review appears.)

We do not accept payment for reviews from book publishers; we pay our reviewers a flat review fee regardless of their opinion about the book they are reviewing.