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Psych Central to Curate This Emotional Life’s Facebook, Twitter Community

Newburyport, MA (PRWEB) May 1, 2012 — Today Psych Central announced that it has reached an agreement with Vulcan Productions, co-producers of the hit PBS series, This Emotional Life, to curate the thriving online community of nearly 25,000 people it has developed around the series. The online community includes people who have joined or followed This Emotional Life on Facebook and Twitter.

This Emotional Life is a three-part series that originally aired in early 2010. The series, a co-production of Vulcan Productions and the NOVA/WGBH Science Unit, explored ways people can improve their social relationships (Family, Friends & Lovers), cope with negative emotions such as depression and anxiety (Facing Our Fears) and become more positive, resilient individuals (Rethinking Happiness).

Each episode weaved together the compelling personal stories of ordinary people and the latest scientific research, along with revealing comments from celebrities such as Chevy Chase, Larry David, Elizabeth Gilbert, Alanis Morissette, Katie Couric and Richard Gere.

With over 20,500 likes on Facebook and 4,200 followers on Twitter, the social media community of This Emotional Life includes people from all walks of life who are interested in learning more about their emotional health and well-being.

“We’re honored to be able to keep This Emotional Life’s online community active and growing,” said Dr. John Grohol, Psy.D., founder and CEO of Psych Central. “We see such a responsibility as our duty to try to help people better understand their emotional and psychological health, to improve their lives and the lives of the people they love.”

Psych Central will begin overseeing This Emotional Life’s social media presence today. It will be led by Associate Editor Jessica Digiacinto and overseen by Dr. Grohol.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to ask probing questions about life, relationships, psychology and our emotional health on Facebook and Twitter. We hope to continue to build the community in the years to come,” said Dr. Grohol. “We’ll also feature content from around the Internet that we think might be helpful to This Emotional Life’s members.”

You can like This Emotional Life on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ThisEmotionalLife or follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/emotionallife.

Psych Central will also be featuring content from This Emotional Life’s website. Topics that will be featured include the importance of early attachment, how to heal strained or damaged relationships, PTSD, stress, depression, grief, resilience and our pursuit of happiness.

Psych Central is the Internet’s largest consumer mental health site for online mental health and psychology information, community and support, visited by over 2 million people each month.


About Vulcan Productions

Vulcan Productions is the independent film production company founded by investor and philanthropist Paul G. Allen in 1997. Vulcan Productions devotes itself exclusively to producing independent films of unique vision and artistic quality. Through its collaborative partnerships with established and emerging filmmakers, Vulcan Productions explores creative opportunities that result in engaging and inspirational storytelling. www.vulcanproductions.com

Psych Central to Curate This Emotional Life’s Facebook, Twitter Community