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New e-book Tending the Family Heart Inspires Parents to Nurture the “Heart Part” of the Family

Tending the Family HeartAMHERST, MASS. – Feb. 22, 2011 – “Tending the Family Heart” (Psych Central.com; Jan. 26, 2001; $9.99) is a new e-book by Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker that seeks to affirm the importance of family and validate the simple things parents can do every day to nurture the “heart part” of their family. The effects of the current economic recession and a divisive political climate, as well as changes in family structure and the ever-growing use of personal electronic devices are isolating family members from one another. “Tending the Family Heart” provides practical ways for parents to counteract these affects by building and nurturing warmth and connection within their family.

“The ‘heart part’ of a family is what transforms the very ordinary and repetitious tasks of daily life into expressions of mutual support and care,” says Dr. Hartwell-Walker. “Parents will find that there are lots of ways they already affirm and connect family members with each other. ‘Tending the Family Heart’ explains how those simple acts and gestures prepare our children to cope with life’s challenges and model the skills they will need to create loving families of their own someday.”

Each chapter of the book outlines common areas of family life that can be opportunities for developing a family’s heart. These parenting tasks – from making and keeping traditions, to giving back as a family, to teaching responsible use of technology – build and support warmth and connection within the family. Stories and tips in each section provide suggestions that are feasible for even the busiest parent.

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker is an author, licensed psychologist, and a marriage and family therapist who has been in practice for more than 35 years. She is a writer for Psych Central and regularly contributes to the “Ask a Therapist” column on the site. A medical crisis motivated her to write down a list of guiding principles she thought would help her family survive and thrive if they had to live without her. That life-changing event, her years of professional work, and her own experiences as a parent of four, served as the basis for “Tending the Family Heart”.

“Dr. Hartwell-Walker has been Psych Central’s leading parenting expert for more than five years,” said John Grohol, CEO and founder of Pysch Central “During that time, she has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals and parents with down-to-earth advice and practical suggestions for solving life’s problems. This book nicely encapsulates Dr. Hartwell-Walker’s years of experience – as a therapist and expert and as a parent."

“Tending the Family Heart” is the first e-book released from Psych Central and is available now for purchase and download at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. The e-book will be available soon on iTunes for the iPhone/iPad/iTouch. For more information about the author and book please visit psychcentral.com/books. Connect with Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker on Facebook and Twitter for more advice on parenting and family topics.


New e-book Tending the Family Heart Inspires Parents to Nurture the “Heart Part” of the Family