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Psych Central Network

The Psych Central Network is the world’s leading independent mental health and psychology brand, reaching across more than a half-dozen websites and accounting for over 6 million unique visitors per month.

Sites in the Psych Central Network

Psych Central

Our flagship brand, home of tens of thousands of informational pages on mental health conditions and basic psychological theories. Also home to our award-winning general psychology, relationship & happiness blog, World of Psychology. We are the Internet’s leading voice in mental health and psychology. Since 1995, we’ve worked tirelessly to break down the barriers and discrimination facing those with mental health concerns.

Psych Central Professional

Our fast-growing professional network, now reaching over 20,000 mental health and psychology professionals around the world with content focused on professional clinicians’ and researchers’ needs.

Psych Central Blog Network

Our creative and diverse network of dedicated mental health, relationship and psychology bloggers, expressing the views and opinions of professionals as well as people who live with a mental health concern.

Psych Central Reviews

Our website devoted to book reviews, through 2019.

Psych Central Answers

Our defunct Q&A answer community, archived here for historical purposes.

Psych Central Forums

Our self-help support community for individuals with a mental health, relationship or psychological concern. With over 360,000 members.

Sanity Score

Not sure where to start with your mental health concerns? Our free mental health assessment, the Sanity Score, will help you understand the basics of your own mental health.

New England Psychologist

An affiliated site. The premier quarterly trade publication for psychologists in the 6-state New England region of the United States.

The National Psychologist

An affiliated site. One of the oldest quarterly periodicals for clinicians and psychologists in private practice.


An affiliated site. The Internet’s oldest virtual psychology classroom, full of helpful psychology information about the basics of research, statistics and more (giving away the wisdom of four free psychology textbooks).


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