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Media Inquiries

Dr. Grohol is happy to talk to the media on certain topics related to online behaviors, support groups online, and mental health:

  • Anything to do with technology & human behavior
  • e-therapy (a term I coined in 1998)
  • Online behavior in general
  • “Internet addiction disorder” or online addictions in general
  • Texting and social media addiction, or FOMO
  • Self-help support groups online
  • Mental health resources online

Dr. Grohol does not talk on topics only for background.
Please do not call this number for general inquiries regarding Psych Central.

Your best bet for contacting Dr. Grohol is at his office, toll-free, (888) 875-3570 (please leave a call-back number and your call will usually be returned within the hour) or by . This phone number is only for use by reporters, authors or journalists seeking a callback; please do not call this number if you’re not a journalist, author or reporter.

You can also contact our media representative at:


Permissions & Reprints

Please address permissions and reprints inquiries to:


Permission requests for reproduction or use of any material found on Psych Central are best made via the above email address. Include the exact title and URL of the document you’d like to reproduce or print, as well as its intended use and whether your organization is a nonprofit or commercial entity. Thank you!