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Link to Psych Central

You do not need our prior permission to link to our website — anyone is welcomed to link to any website online without permission (that’s the very nature of the web!). We do not provide written permission for such links.

If you’d like to place a link to Psych Central on your website, you’re welcomed to do this with a text link, or the below graphic:

If you would like to use the above graphic, please download the above graphic and place it on your own local Web server. A sample of code to create this image on your Web site might look like this, being sure to change the “img src=” directory to point to where you’re storing the image file:

<a href="https://psychcentral.com/">
<img src="pc08_button.gif"
 border="0" width="160" height="52"
 alt="Mental health information at Psych Central"/ >

If you instead choose to use a text link, we might suggest the link text read, “Psych Central – Mental health & psychology information and support.”

Email us if you have any questions.