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We don’t solicit testimonials, but this is just a tiny sample of the thousands of unsolicited thanks and appreciation we’ve received over the decades from our readers. We’re deeply honored to have touched so many lives in a positive way.

We’ve also received a few awards over our lifetime, including being lauded as one of the 50 Best Websites of 2008 by TIME.com.

I don’t know you, but your website may be the reason I am alive to write this. Reading this page felt like somebody cared, like a real person, somewhere, was talking to me – gently, lovingly, with understanding and compassion. Prior to arriving at this page I had been looking up effective ways to kill myself. The night before I had begun a process to kill myself, that was fortunately intercepted by another. My mind was full of destructive thoughts when I got to your page, I didn’t know what else to do… until I kept reading and you gently asked me/suggested I ‘call someone’. So thank you. You helped save my life.

Thank you so much for your page. It has really put things in perspective.

Thank you for your letter online. I am in a place where my children are all angry with me, my husband is unavailable due to our horrible financial situation and suicide is on my mind most days. Tonight I wanted so badly to carry it out. But I went online and saw your site. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

I don’t know who you are or if your multiple someone’s or what, but I was ready to do it. So, so ready. I didn’t know how but I was going to do it. I’m not sure why I even typed committing suicide into the google search box, but I’m glad I did, because your sight popped up and I clicked on the link and read. I didn’t commit suicide. I called the suicide hotline and joined a help forum all in twenty minutes. I just… thank you so much for putting this out there. It saved my life, and I hope it’s saved others. Just thank you, for giving me a chance to change things.
– M.V.

I just wanted to thank you, I was able to cry, I felt you cared, not just for me but for all of us. It’s something rarer than it should be. Keep spreading the love.
– M.B.

I will be sharing this site with my coworkers and some family members. – A.F.

For being there for me and my unborn baby. – A.H.

You didn’t tell me that I was wrong in my feelings. You didn’t judge me. You didn’t question my mind, my faith or my life. You simply waved to me. Your website lead me to other people who were hurting and I saw that my pain was bigger than myself.

I can’t say that I won’t be in the same boat tomorrow or the next day, but now I know where to go for my coping resources and how to tip the scale.

You threw me a lifeline in the sea of my despair. I can speak 3 languages but there are no words. If there is anything I can do to help with the promotion of this word, I cannot express the desire I have to help.

I can’t speak for everyone, but you have made a difference in my life. – K.F.

I just wanted you to know that your website saved my life. Thank you. Whoever wrote it is a really good person.
– N.M.

I am not one to email or write, but your site helped me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – J.L.

I’ve never met the author of this page, and I probably never will. Yet somehow they understand what I’m going through. For years I have felt alone. In a crowded room, full of laughter and cheer, I was alone. I never felt as old and lonely as when I was young and in love. I’ve seen psychiatrists and therapists. I’ve been on dozens of meds, and been through years of therapy. Even after all that, the loneliness I feel has been unbearable and indescribable. I’ve been to countless psych wards, dreaming of the day I would feel normal again; something I hadn’t felt in years. I prayed for the day I would get the strength to put one foot in front of the other and jump in front of the train. I didn’t want to do it for revenge; I just wanted to be free. To be free from the pain and suffering that had become all to normal. I’m happy to say though, that this story has a happy ending. See I never thought this life was meant for me. I thought I was a living mistake.

Today is different. Today, that freedom I longed for, for so long, has become a reality, with the help of people like the author of this page. So again, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I hope I never go another day where I forget what people like you have done for me. I am eternally grateful.
– J.M.

Over the past four years you have saved my life several times, and I just want to express my deep gratitude. Without you I would not be alive today.
– W.D.

I would just like to say thank you for taking time to think of others and help them through the hard times, you have inspired me not to give up when things get tough, and you have made me realize that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, you really opened my eyes, thanks again. – D.

Thank you for your web page,
it did help. – J.H.

I cannot thank you enough. Please know you just saved a life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am now calm and I still have pain but I realized what I can do about it. And I thought I sick but now I know I’m human. You are a saint, and I wish you the very best. – B.

I just want to say thank-you. Recently I have somewhat ‘lost’ my faith in the world and humankind in general. I have been filled with so much hate, not only for others but for myself. I have been surrounded by such rude people and so much stress with my final year of highschool – it’s been unbearable.

You are a stranger. To me and every other person that visits your site – yet you created it for me, for us. You have really helped me to regain my faith in myself and others. There will always be rude people in this world, but it’s people like you that help outweigh the negativity with all the positives you are bringing.

Thank-you again, and a million times over.
– T.M.

I found your page at a tough moment and it was a comfort. Things will be OK now. – C.H.

Thank you for this wonderful unique uplifting network. A few months ago, I never imagined such an amazing support network existed in reality nor over the net, but Allah blessed me to keep searching on until finding this treasure.
– N.

I’ve been meaning to write a thank you for the longest time. i contemplated suicide for the longest time and one night it was really bad, but i happened to come across your site- totally saved myself that night. & although i still struggled with my depression/cutting, i was finally able to come out to my parents and get the help that i needed. God knows what could of happened if i hadn’t come across your site that night. so thank you 🙂 & i have your site posted on my tumblr for any of my followers who need help.
– K.W.

Thank you so much. – K.S.

Hello, I just want to tell you thanks. I have been very depressed lately, and have felt worthless. It seems as if nothing I do is ever enough to survive. Whether it be financially (which is where I’m struggling the most), health wise or with relationships I can’t win. I was at the end of the journey, and really did consider taking my own life. I stumbled across your website though, and I took the time to read what you wrote, really read what you wrote, and I am going to do just what you said. I’m going to give it a few days, I’m going to talk to a close friend, and I’m going to talk to God about the problem and ultimately I will work through this without ever harming myself. Once again, thank you so much.
– T.S.

For this I thank you. I thank you. What you do here is invaluable. Thank you. – M.

At the time I was reading this, I was both angry and miserable and my families was far from helpful, criticizing me and screaming at me, calling me useless and were adamant that I was doomed to be a failure. I’d thought about suicide before, but this time was a new low as I’d actually decided to go through the deed. But when looking for quick methods of suicide online, this was the first page to come up. After reading this page, I don’t feel so alone. You’ve saved my life.

Thank you so much. – D.L.

I never thought there would be a site like this.
Thank you for taking the time to care about those who need a little bit of help.
– C.M.

PsychCentral has become part of my support system in the months I’ve been here, and I am so grateful to be able to come here when I need a respite. Thank you for the network of people and technology you have established, maintained, nurtured.

I suspect that in its 17 years, keeping it up and going has been nearly as complicated, storm-tossed, & sprinkled with moments of joy as the lives of those of us who’ve passed upon its forums. I hope you’ve received back just some of the good your creation has provided others.
– R.

You got me over a hump. It was just what I needed to read right then, and it helped me identify what I need to do next. – J.R.

You saved my life. – K.G.

Because of this I talked with a friend. She helped me call my therapist. She sent me for an evaluation and I will begin a partial hospitalization program. I feel very hopeful. Thank you. – D.C.

[My wife’s] plan was to call me home from work, 60 minutes away, and tell me she needed me home. She would easily have been dead by the time I got home. She wanted me to find her with a knife in her heart before our oldest got home from school. Instead, she paused. She read your article and took the time – the time she needed to reconsider. She called me in utter despair and I rushed home to find a broken woman.

We discovered tons about each other over the past two days and I have found that my wife loves me more than anything in the world and she now knows that I love her the same. We had grown apart rather quickly and each of us thought the other had fallen out of love. We spent the afternoon with a counselor and are on the road to full recovery. She was home today when the children came home. She got to talk to our 16 year old about how well he is doing in school. She got to read the article our 13 year old had published in his school paper. She got to go with our 9 year old skating tonight. She got to hug our 7 year old and see the note he got from his new girlfriend. It is simple stuff I know, but all things she wouldn’t have seen if she hadn’t read your article.

Please accept my simple gratitude for your article and know that it saved my wife’s life.
– S.P.

Thank you… you have made me feel not so alone. – S.Z.

Thank you for having this site. it helps me know that people out there care. I felt connected with all those souls out there suffering and i had to say a prayer for all those people. – A.H.

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this site. I’m sure I am not the only one you help. I have been struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts for years, and when I am at my worst, I come back to this page. It refreshes me, and helps me push through at least one more day. thank you for caring about me and others. may God bless you always. – N.M.

I can’t thank you enough for helping all of the people you have, you have created a fountain of hope for those stuck, thirsty in a pit of despair. You are an oasis on the Internet. Thank you. – H.D.

I was really going through a rough patch, and I just had to say thank you so much for having this, I really didnt want to but i felt like there was no other way finally i calmed down enough to call my therapist and fully calm down. Thank you so much! – K.C.

I just want to say thank you. Thank you for saving my best friend from something he didn’t want to happen, really.
Thank you so much. – B.F.

I just want to tell you guys how much I appreciate all that you’ve helped me with in the past. Special thanks are in order to the moderators and to DocJohn who make this place feel like home and keep it that way. I’ve been to a couple different forums recently, and they are either crammed with spam and rude flame wars between members, or understaffed, tension running high. I’ve never seen any of these problems here, and I’m greatful for that. It really does feel like a virtual home.
– I.

Thank you for your site. Thank you thank you thank you. – S.W.

I just wanted to let someone know that it made the biggest difference to me.
It was a critical moment in my life, and finding that site made it a positive one.
Thank-you. – K.C.

You have no idea how much your website helped me, i can never thank you enough. i really felt close to someone when i needed it the most. whoever made this site, you have given me hope again. if there is anthing i can do please tell me. thank you. – E.B.

Tonight I needed to read this. Things have been so hard lately and I am having so much trouble staying afloat. I know I can get through this but I am hurting so bad. Thanks for giving me some hope when I almost lost it all. I appreciate it with everything that I am. I am sorry if you have been where I am or if you have lost someone before to suicide. You should know that what you are doing does make a difference. Tonight it made difference. I hope you are at peace just as I hope to be at peace one day too. I may not know you and you may not know me but thank you for caring.

Tonight I will be alright thanks to you. – M.G.

Thank you for posting this. You made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Like someone cared. It helps to have that feeling. Though most of my feelings suck I just want someone to care. Thank you whoever you are. – A.J.

I cannot thank the author of this page enough. This page literally saved my life. – T.T.

I want to thank you for the information on this website.
altho i am not in the usa and neither are the people [I want to help], the help on your page was invaluble and a great help to me and the 3 people involved.

Again thank you for the great information and resources. – V.B.

I am writing to you simply to say that, though I can’t really relate, I genuinely believe that your page and the work you put into it will help at least some people. Even if it’s only 1% of people who see it, a life saved is a life gained.

So yeah, just a note from a guy who wants to tell the people who wrote the page just how awesome they really are for being so willing to help others they don’t even know.
– A.H.