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Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

Psych Central is the leading mental health network online today run by mental health professionals. Consumers turn to us first for trusted, clinically-reviewed information and resources in mental health and psychology. We spend most of our time on producing original, professional content because that is what people have consistently told us they want and turn to us for.

Audience Demographics:

  • 60% women / 40% men
  • Ages 18-49: 68%
  • College or grad. school: 65%
  • Consumers: 89% / Professionals: 11%

Unlike some online publishers, we don’t rely on user-generated or outdated, generic content for our traffic or content. We know where our content comes from — every article is attributed, sourced, and reviewed by a mental health professional. We’ve built a reliable, consistent information resource linked to by tens of thousands of individuals, organizations, and companies. And unlike some of our competitors, we’re overseen by a respected Professional Advisory Board and mental health professionals, not a large corporate conglomerate or individuals with no background or training in mental health. Users know this, and refer others to us time and time again because of it. We’re trusted because we maintain strict editorial independence free of any corporate or pharmaceutical influence.

The Psych Central Network serves over 6 million unique visitors per month internationally and over 12 million pages of original content. Our metrics continue to grow as we become the recognized resource for quality, up-to-date mental health information, research, and psychology news online.

Sponsorships & Special Opportunities

Targeted sponsorships are available for your company or organization. Please contact our sponsorship staff at:

We also have special advertising opportunities available for treatment centers specializing in alcohol rehabilitation and eating disorders. If you’re interested in learning more about these affordable opportunities, please contact us:



Advertisers looking to advertise immediately on Psych Central and have a budget of less than $5,000 should consider using Google Adwords and target the psychcentral.com domain. Such ads will show up on most areas of Psych Central.

Psych Central does not accept link advertisements, paid links, or advertisements of specific text within a larger article, sorry. We also do not accept or publish “sponsored posts.” If some company or agency claims they can get a post published on Psych Central with specific links to your company’s product or service, they are not being truthful.

If you would like to advertise on Psych Central, please contact our marketing agent:


Podcast Advertising

Advertise on one of our popular, award-winning podcasts!

Check out the Psych Central Podcast Media Kit (PDF) or the Not Crazy Media Kit (PDF) and contact us at show -at- psychcentral.com if interested.