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    Editor's Note: PLEASE refer to the section, Submission Guidelines before making any submissions to sci.psychology.research.

    sci.psychology.research -- Research issues in psychology. (Moderated)


    This newsgroup is for the professional discussion of those topics directly related to the issues of research, academia, theory, and the science of psychology. Psychology is broadly defined as the study of individual behavior. Research discussed may be related to *any* of the wide-ranging psychological fields, including - but not limited to -- human behavior, human neuropsychology, industrial/organizational psychology, or animal studies. The important emphasis of this newsgroup is on research that currently exists or is in process in the various facets of psychology.

    Issues related to research supporting applied psychological techniques, discussion of research into current theoretical work, statistical models & problems, reviews of current journal articles, in-process studies, research methodology & design, and grant-searches & grant-writing, are examples of appropriate topics for the group.

    Issues related to individuals seeking help or information on a specific psychological or physical problem or disorder, advertisements for any products, discussions on: specific psychological techniques, psychopharamalogical interventions, whether psychology is a "science" or not, and on any research or theoretical areas outside the purview of psychology would remain on other newsgroups and are examples of topics that are not appropriate for this group.

    This is a loosely moderated group, moderation mainly being used to screen out irrelevant, non-psychology articles, personal attacks and arguments, political debate, and other topics as warranted.


    Sci.psychology.research is presently co-moderated by:

    • Dee Dege
    • John Grohol
    • Judi Lapsley Miller

    Submissions should be sent to: Posting an article to the newsgroup will also automatically route the submission to the appropriate address.

    Questions regarding submissions and other requests should be sent to:

    The purpose of moderation on sci.psychology.research is create a collegial forum for the discussion about psychological research, theory, applications, and related issues. For purposes of moderation, psychology is used in a broad sense. It includes the discussion of topics that overlap with other academic disciplines along with nontraditional areas and approaches to psychological research. Similarly, "related issues" and "applications" are defined broadly.

    Moderation of sci.psychology.research is not the Usenet equivalent of editing a journal; it is meant to work as a filter. The moderation is conducted in a spirit of inclusiveness and collegiality. Authors are encouraged to keep the content of their articles directed toward theory, research, and applications. Authors are also encouraged to cite relevant references in the literature or provide some documentation for claims when possible. When disagreeing with another poster, authors are encouraged to concentrate on the others' ideas.


    • Articles should be checked for spelling and formatted with a line length of less than 72 columns, or else they will be automatically rejected. Articles will be edited for length and clarity.

    • Articles will also be automatically rejected if they are crossposted to non-psychology related newsgroups. Please resubmit the article and post it only to sci.psychology.research and other sci.psychology newsgroups if this happens.

    • Articles requesting a literature search or references on a given topic will automatically be rejected out of hand, unless it is shown such a search has already been done and was fruitless. This includes the typical "Does anybody know anything about topic X?" or "Where do I look for information on topic Y?" The answer, of course, is in your local library.

    • Followups-To: and Reply-To: headers will be set to the appropriate address or newsgroup at the moderator's discretion.

    Articles posted to the newsgroup are automatically redirected to the submission address, as is done on all moderated newsgroups.

    • If accepted, the article will be posted to sci.psychology.research in a couple of days. (Please be patient.)

    • Since most articles are written and sent to us through newsreaders and various mail transports across the Net, it is recommended that authors hold onto a copy of their submitted article in case of loss.

    • If the article is not accepted, the moderator will notify you of the rejection and give a brief explanation of why it was not accepted. Articles can be resubmitted for further consideration.

    • If an author would like a resubmission to be considered by the entire set of moderators, it should be noted in the mail to moderator. If the majority of the moderators approve of the article, it will be posted in a couple of days.

    • Threads may be terminated and/or new articles may be rejected on these threads if there are many submissions saying essentially the same thing.

    • Any person who repeatedly abuses the charter, the group, the moderators, netiquette, etc., will not have articles approved, regardless of the content, until they can show good cause that they have changed their behaviors to conform to this charter.

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