How to Choose a Competent Counselor

This article addresses the following questions: “How can I find a good counselor or psychotherapist?” “How do I know if my counselor is competent?” “What is supposed to happen in therapy?” “Can a therapist be incompetent without me realizing it?” “Is a psychologist the best therapist? Does a license make a difference?” Table of Contents: 1. Why I wrote this article 2. How to tell if a therapist is competent, or not First, you need to know what psychotherapy is, and what it isn't Second, you need to know how to find the answer in your own mind 3. What psychotherapy is--and why you need to know 4. The secret that you already know 5. How a good therapist makes you feel safe 6. The perfect therapist 7. Privacy: the essential ingredient 8. Non-judgmental acceptance: you deserve it 9. How to choose a therapist to call (a) referrals (b) qualifications 10. How you find out about the therapist 11. Therapist credentials: the truth revealed *Counselor knowledge, training, certification, skill, character, and relationship. 12. First contact. Watch out for these red flags! 13. Your first session: what should happen 14. Safety is in the details 15. Now what?

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