Monica Pignotti, MSW

One of my current professional missions is to bridge the Scientist-Practitioner gap that currently exists in the mental health field. John Riolo has written very eloquently about this problem elsewhere on psychjourney. I became interested in this issue after having been extensively involved with Thought Field Therapy (TFT) for seven years. One year ago I severed my ties with TFT and its Founder because I could no longer stand by the unwarranted claims that were being made. In addition to debunking, I am also very interesting in understanding more about the reasons therapists choose to use these methods in their practices. It has been my experience that most of these therapists are well-intentioned, but something has been missed in their training that they did not learn about the existing empirically supported methods (or, for some reason choose not to use them). Another question I've been exploring lately is what, if any, differences exist between these clinicians and those who choose to use the scientist-practitioner model.

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Submitted on: 13-Jun-2005




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