The Carlat Report

The Carlat Report is an eight-page monthly newsletter (in both print and online form) that provides clinically relevant, unbiased information on psychiatric practice. This newsletter is targeted toward psychiatric and mental health professionals. The newsletter receives no corporate funding, which allows a clear-eyed evaluation of all available treatments. A typical issue provides:

  • A concise review of a current topic of interest
  • An evaluation of treatment options, including prescription medications, OTCs, and psychotherapies
  • An in-depth interview with a national expert on the issues topic
  • Clinical wisdom culled from front-line clinicians ("Anecdotes from the Field")
  • An intriguing snippet from the past ("Tales from the History of Psychiatry")

A regular one-year subscription, including both the printed newsletter and online access, is only $109. If at any time you are not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription and receive a full refund on unmailed issues.

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Submitted by: John Grohol
Submitted on: 22-Dec-2004