Trauma Addiction - Safety and Stabilization for the Addicted Survivor of Trauma

There is a fairly common phenomenon where trauma can lead to addiction and addiction leads back to trauma. A survivor of trauma is at a significantly greater risk of developing some type of addiction and the reverse is also true. Having this awareness, it is imperative that we look at more effective ways of treating this unique condition. The challenge of providing effective treatment and interventions for persons with both posttraumatic stress and addiction has caused many a seasoned clinician to shudder. "Dually diagnosed," seems to rank with Borderline Personality Disorder as one of the more pejorative and emotionally laden labels that saddle clients. Addicted survivors of trauma are often the recipients of the anger, frustration, and trepidation of health care workers due to the difficulty in both conceptualizing and administering effective treatment to this population.

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Submitted by: Joyce Boaz
Submitted on: 14-Oct-2004