Bipolar support group

This is a support list for individuals who have been diagnosed with an affective disorder. This list also offers support for those significant others who want to learn more about this disorder to better understand the chemical imbalances. It's not fun having this disorder and it's important to find others who can support you when you're struggling with these highs and lows. That's why we're here and we can offer support to each other. For those significant others who seek to understand what it's all about, we want you to know how very difficult these highs and lows can be. Join our group and offer support while you gain some knowledge to help those you love. It's not a fun disorder and it takes a lot of hit and miss meds until the right ones bring the brain's chemistry back into balance. If you seek support or would like to offer support then please join our list. Anyone looking for info for projects, surveys, or is NOT legitmately bipolar or a supporter of one are not welcome.

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Submitted by: Elsa Langer
Submitted on: 11-Jun-2002