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Concussions have the sports world wondering 'what's next?' With the NFL in the amidst of sorting out thousands of lawsuits from former players claiming the league was neglectful, the rest of us are left with trying to figure out concussion dangers, risks, consequence, myths and what's the future hold for contact sports? The Brain Doctor, Harry Kerasidis, M.D. has treated thousands of concussions in the last 25 years, and developed his own baseline test, sideline assessment tool and recovery care plan that is now the first complete concussion management program for all sports and levels called XLNTbrain Sport. This internet-based, mobile application gives parents, athletes, coaches, trainers, league officials and medical personnel a 'virtual neurologist' on the team to help athletes enjoy the sports while protecting their futures. Next week, Dr. Kerasidis will be presenting at the C4CT Concussion Summit in NYC and introducing XLNTbrain Sport. It's designed for youth teams, high school, college even professional sports teams. Would be good to re-connect...BTW: I don't work for Dr. Amen anymore. But I know both of these doctors would be interested in speaking with a reporter or editor! David Jahr (949) 874-2667

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Submitted by: David Jahr
Submitted on: 21-Jan-2014