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We all have an innate drive towards unlocking our highest potential. Yet at times we put too much negativity into our self-talk. Do you find ways to sabotage your efforts towards personal growth? Perhaps still have a bad habit? Do you feel constantly drained, or "stuck in a rut?" What causes stagnation? Thoughts and self-doubts: "Do I deserve happiness? Am I really good enough?" We can work on these issues together. I'm a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with an online practice providing services via email, chat, phone and Skype. One of my specialties is counseling performers. As a former child actor, I myself have experienced the specific challenges and stressors that the industry presents to the artists. This puts me in the unique position to help those in the performing art professions in overcoming their internal struggles. I combine the evidence based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) model with components of the humanistic approaches. Through the various online therapy modalities, I offer you my insights, and provide you with the tools to break free from the aspects in your life that are simply not working.

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Submitted by: Dr. Masha Godkin
Submitted on: 20-Nov-2012