Bipolar 4 Life Support

Bipolar Disorder & other Mental Health & Wellness diseases not only affect the individual diagnosed it has a impact on the family as a whole. We welcome here @ Bipolar 4 Life Support family members dealing with their loved ones and support those individual diagnosed at the same time by sharing coping mechanisms, in hope's to learn from each others struggles and possibly be able to lend a hand in helping someone else... Joining something that you can relate to, as me where I finally found a "place" to fit in where people understood me, really empowered me to reach out more and took the focus off of myself as much, and in return I started to feel, and still,much Gratification that my story, and or, struggles just may be for a "reason," to help those struggling like I did, and in reaching out to those whom do not have a voice yet....

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Submitted by: Jan
Submitted on: 13-Jun-2012