Anxiety & Stress Management Breathing Techniques with Dr. Chris Dula

This video, by Dr. Chris S. Dula, teaches you natural breathing and muscle relaxation techniques for managing anxiety and stress. It also addresses reasons why some anxiety disorders (panic especially) develop and are maintained if no empirically-supported efforts are undertaken to treat them, as well as the origin of many of the symptoms of anxiety. Dr. Dula is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at East Tennessee State University. His professional website with his curriculum vita is at: He's used these empirically-supported techniques in treating many people with anxiety problems since he started working with clients during his clinical training in 1998. Anxiety treatment is his specialty and he's taught these methods to hundreds of people in a one-on-one format, and likely thousands in group formats such as the one in the video. This video is not a substitute for direct professional clinical assistance for those with debilitating problems, but these techniques are key to the successful treatment of such problems. Anyone can learn how to do these techniques and can teach them to others. His university filmed this talk and posted it to YouTube. He gets absolutely no compensation whatsoever from this type of activity.

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Submitted by: Dr. Chris S. Dula
Submitted on: 16-May-2012