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A Shift of Mind offers a provocative reframing of how we look at reality, our lives and our relationships. Its intention is to challenge our beliefs and thinking so that we may overcome many of the struggles that we endure. Steeped in a new approach to thought, this blog addresses many of the common issues in our lives with a very uncommon approach. I contend that a shift of mind is the most powerful thing in the universe. A new insight ”with a commitment and intention toward change” frees us from the past and writes a new script for our lives. By integrating the emerging sciences into psychology, I have developed a revolutionary approach to self-actualization. This advance in conceptual thinking enables people to enjoy the process of becoming rather than obsessing over the states of being; as a result people live more successful, fulfilling, and productive lives.

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Submitted by: Mel Schwartz
Submitted on: 27-Mar-2012




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