Suicidal No More

Jennifer has been living with Schizoaffective Disorder for many years, and has detailed the symptoms she experiences, from auditory hallucinations to suicidal depression, on her blog which is aimed to provide information, support, awareness, and most importantly hope for people living with serious mental illnesses. She writes about attending college while living with a severe and persistent mental illness, facing stigma, working as an advocate with NAMI, working a part time job while dealing with psychosis, coping with the difficulties of daily functioning, triumphing over adversity with the help of treatment including medications, therapy, and sometimes hospitalizations, surviving and thriving. She is proud of the fact that, despite her brain disorder, she is alive and functioning well at the age of 40, and has published the book Episodes of Schizophrenia and been included in the anthology Parts Unbound: Narratives on Mental Illness and Health. Primarily, she writes to use her voice.

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Submitted by: Jennifer Robinson
Submitted on: 15-Mar-2011