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The Machine Man project is a movement to change mainstream perceptions of OCD through media and art. We are producing a feature film about OCD with the support of OCD experts such as Dr. Michael Jenike, Jeff Bell, and the International OCD Foundation. We also have a Forum (link provided) where people who have had OCD touch their lives are welcome to come and share their art, writing, music, videos - any creative works that show what real OCD looks like beyond the stereotypes and sensationalized images seen in mainstream media today. Its a platform for the voices of real people, with the real disorder. They can ask questions, talk with one another, and see that this is not the shameful, marginalized disorder they might think it is. And most importantly, we hope the acceptance they get on this forum will compel them to seek the help they need.

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Submitted by: Jasmine Bina
Submitted on: 8-Mar-2011