Dr. Weisinger's Anger Work-Out Book


by Hendrie D. Weisinger
William Morrow & Co (ISBN: 0688041140)

Dr. Weisinger's Anger Work-Out Book My favorite recommended workbook for people who are looking for effective, down-to-Earth strategies for learning to cope with their anger. The approach is hands-on, so be prepared to do some writing and actively put into practice the suggestions and exercises the author outlines in every chapter.

The author explains how anger works in our lives, how it perpetuates, and how to recognize it not only in your own life, but in others as well. Once you begin to recognize the types of things which make you angry ("triggers"), the author provides helpful exercises to find more effective ways of expressing your feelings, controlling, or reducing the anger.

The great thing about this book is that these are all skills you could easily learn in therapy.

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Submitted on: 4-May-2000