Rapid Psychological Assessment


by Jason T. Olin & Carolyn Keatinge

Rapid Psychological Assessment

"In today's time-pressured managed care environment, it is important for clinicians to quickly identify the nature of a patient's problem and initiate treatment. With thousands of psychological instruments available, this can often be difficult. This book offers a form of psychological assessment "triage." It eliminates the guesswork and helps psychologists quickly select, administer, and interpret psychological tests. "

Divided into three logical sections (Assessment Overview, Differential Diagnosis, and Completing the Evaluation), this book is a must-have reference for any professional who conducts regular psychological assessment in their practice or work. While a bit overwhelming at first, because it is filled with so much information, once you get used to the book's layout and style it becomes an invaluable tool. Especially handy is the authors' inclusion of a Testing Tips index, which nicely lists all of the no-nonsense tips described throughout the book. Examples of these include, "Choosing an Apperception Test," "Rorschach Rapid Interpretation," "Test Results Associated with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder," "Test Results Associated with Anorexia," and about a hundred additional tips. 400 pages, published in 1998, and well worth it.

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Submitted on: 4-May-2000