Health Online

by Tom Ferguson, M.D.
Addison-Wesley (ISBN: 0-201-40989-5)

Health Online Similar to Tom Linden's guide below, but Dr. Ferguson's effort is newer and takes a slightly different perspective, one that is more personal and compelling. It is a comprehensive guide to all health topics online. It includes major sections on each of the commercial service providers like America OnLine, as well as the Internet, and, like Tom's book, serves up personal stories who have been helped by the resources found online.

Tom Ferguson, M.D. has been a driving force in the self-help field of medicine and related disorders and brings his expertise to this book. It really empowers you, the consumer, to find useful and timely information online in a productive manner. It's an excellent offering which will easily stand the test of time. If you can only buy one online guide to medicine, this is the one to purchase today.

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Submitted on: 4-May-2000