The Nutrient Path

Support for the healing of mind by nurturing body, soul, and planet. This site is by a former therapist and mother whose daughter with autism improved dramatically through nutrition. Following her lead, the mom cured her own depression, migraines, and chronic fatigue without drugs. The site also muses on the spirituality and mental health connection-- the idea that a deeply felt Earth spirituality could heal the separation of body and mind responsible for a toxic planet and toxic bodies/behaviors. Excerpts from the blog writer's completed memoir, LUNACY LOST: MOTHER AND CHILD ON THE DARK AND SHINING ROAD TO NAME THE ROOTS OF MADNESS,(an agented proposal currently searches for a publisher), appear from time to time, wherein the author elaborates concepts of "the nutrient path" for body, mind and spirit.

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Submitted by: Sue Westwind Elkins
Submitted on: 24-Jul-2008