Coping Skills for Kids and Brain Works Project

PsychCentral has carried research results on long-term adult effects of bullying in earlier years. One missing factor in these research studies is a neurological preventive perspective on developing brain-based coping capabilities during the pre-teen (grades 4-6) period. Our research and work with 700 pre-teens (ages 9-12) suggests kids at this age are able and eager to learn and use healthy self-management skills and tools that help to increase resilience and provide "protective assets" that utilize higher (neocortical) capabilities to recover from social cruelty instead of merely accumulating devastating and debilitating "emotional wounds" which affect brain responses and one's sense of well-being, coping confidence and self-acceptance. The website,,is a free, open-access and unique "virtual classroom" EDUCATIONAL resource, which in its first 7-weeks has been utilized by nearly 1,000 pre-teens, their parents and teachers, school counselors and other student services professionals in 49 states and 38 other countries.

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Submitted by: Ronald Brill, Project Founder & Director
Submitted on: 23-Apr-2008




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