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John is not only known for his writing on bipolar spectrum disorders research, he's received high honours for it. This year he was awarded a Mogens Schou Award for Public Service, joining an exclusive and prestigious list of honourees that include professor of psychiatry/author/bipolar overachiever Kay Redfield Jamison, family psychotherapy researcher David J. Miklowitz, and the Stanleys of the Stanley Foundation (a major research funding source). John does things a bit differently online. Although he keeps a blog it's mostly relegated to personal stories and recipes while his most astute, well-researched writing is delivered in McManamy's Depression and Bipolar Weekly, a subscription-based email newsletter. Eventually its articles become publicly archived at his static web site McMan's Depression and Bipolar Web. He also wrote a great book that distilled a lot of that knowledge, Living Well With Depression and Bipolar Disorder. The blog keeps everyone current what he's working on.

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Submitted by: John McManamy
Submitted on: 11-Sep-2007