Sci.psychology.psychotherapy.moderated Newsgroup Charter

Charter and submission guidelines for the Usenet newsgroup, sci.psychology.psychotherapy. moderated.

Sci.psychology.psychotherapy.moderated (hereinafter "sppm") exists as a forum for the discussion of psychotherapy. Anyone with an interest in such discussion is welcome. This would include practitioners of all types (psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage/family counselors, social workers, etc.), students of therapy, and therapy clientele.
Some examples of topics appropriate for discussion in sppm include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • a particular type of psychotherapy (e.g., cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic), or a comparison between two types. There will be no restrictions on the types of therapeutic modalities that are appropriate for discussion -- save for treatments that seem to have no obvious connection to psychology (e.g., palm-reading, crystals). The latter will not be accepted, unless a clear, plausible connection to psychology is made.
  • a particular psychological disorder (e.g., depression, eating disorder)
  • the relationship between psychotherapy and other fields of inquiry such as philosophy or religion (as long as the discussion remains focused on psychotherapy)
  • case studies (if and only if client anonymity is ensured)

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    Submitted on: 1-Apr-2000