Sacred Life?

Suicide interventions on the Internet

Since the influx of individuals signing-on for the first time, the Internet has become a microcosm of all the problems of society at large. Usenet, the messaging forum of the Internet, has been acutely affected by issues of morals and ethics. These issues range from children reading unmoderated, inappropriate newsgroups such as those in the hierarchy, to companies disregarding Usenet precedence and tradition, deluging hundreds of newsgroups with their unwanted advertisements. Other on-line service providers, such as CompuServe and American On-line, have much stricter codes of standards and can enforce them through their membership structures. They also have formal organizational structures and moderators scan most discussion areas on-line. On the Internet, anyone can become a member at anytime and participate in any discussion anywhere. There is no formal organizational structure and very few moderators of newsgroups.

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Submitted on: 1-Apr-2000