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    Popular! Parents of Suicide Top Rated
    This is a support group exclusive to parents who have lost a child to suicide. It is intended to provide a place where parents can discuss the lives and deaths of their children while freely sharing their own experiences and feelings in an emotionally supportive atmosphere. - 19-Jun-2003 - Hits: 1222 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Suicide Forum Top Rated
    An active set of support forums for people who are dealing with suicidal thoughts or feelings, and for anyone in immediate need or crisis.

    This is a pro-life support forum for people in crisis. Suicide Forum does not provide or share suicide methods. Their rules include: Do not provide other members with knowledge on how to harm or terminate themselves in any way; do NOT encourage self harm, eating disorders, violence against others or suicide. Illegal activities are also not encouraged at this site, this includes encouraging underage sex and illegal drug use. - 22-Mar-2007 - Hits: 1033 - Rate This | Details
    Alliance of Hope
    The Alliance of Hope (a 501c3 nonprofit) provides healing support for those grappling with the devastating aftermath of suicide loss. Their online counseling and and consultations are designed specifically to help survivors of suicide address the questions, debilitating emotions, and secondary wounds which commonly occur following loss from suicide. Their online community forum is clinically-moderated. Their website includes a blog, bookstore, online memorial, and a special section for the military. - 18-Oct-2011 - Hits: 36 - Rate This | Details
    Suicidal feelings & thoughts Top Rated
    This email address is staffed by trained volunteers from The Samaritans, a UK-based charity. If you just need someone to email to, all you need do is send a regular email to this address and you will receive a quick reply. This is a free service. Also check out The Samaritans Web site for additional information and resources.
    Mailing list: - 20-Feb-2000 - Hits: 388 - Rate This | Details
    Suicide Grief Support Forum Top Rated
    The Suicide Discussion Board is open for the purpose of suicide awareness, support, and education for those whose lives have been affected by the suicide and for those who want to discuss and learn. It is an outreach project of the on-line communities Parents of Suicides (POS) and Friends & Families of Suicides (FFOS) Internet Communities. - 8-Oct-2006 - Hits: 609 - Rate This | Details
    The It's Up to Us campaign is designed to empower San Diegans to talk openly about mental illness, recognize symptoms, utilize local resources and seek help.This campaign is developed through the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, and funded by the County of San Diego Mental Health Services Act. - 16-Feb-2011 - Hits: 68 - Rate This | Details
    VA Online (Victims Assistance)
    Victim Assistance Online is non-profit information, research and networking resource for victim assistance specialists, professionals in related disciplines and all interested in the field of victimology. Through their website they research, review and publish link directories on more than 40 victim assistance related topics, totaling more than 3000 links to organizations, agencies and services around the world. - 23-Feb-2000 - Hits: 307 - Rate This | Details




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