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    My Personal Recovery from Schizophrenia
    Victoria blogs about her recovery from Schizophrenia. She was diagnosed in 2008 with Schizophrenia by a team of doctors at UCLA and later was given the diagnosis of Schizoaffective Disorder. Since her diagnosis, she has earned a Masters Degree in psychology and currently works in the mental health field. She began this blog in 2013 to help others living with similar diagnosis and to give them hope that recovery is possible. - 14-Dec-2013 - Hits: 641 - Rate This | Details
    Suicidal No More
    Jennifer lives with Schizoaffective Disorder, and experienced years of psychosis, suicidality, homelessness, repeated hospitalizations, and misdiagnoses before being properly diagnosed and treated. This blog chronicles her story from that dark period to treatment and recovering enough to be able to return to college, work part-time, and do public speaking to raise awareness about mental illness. - 15-Mar-2011 - Hits: 462 - Rate This | Details
    Tardive Dykinesia and Oromandibular Dystonia - Options for Treatment
    For those suffering from orofacial dyskinesia, the search for solutions can seem hopeless. With a degree in nursing from University of California at San Francisco and several years medical editing experience, Debra Fluere was determined to find solutions for a family member suffering from this condition. This post was written after months of intensive research in hopes of aiding anyone else suffering from tardive dyskinesia or oromandibular dystonia. - 3-Sep-2015 - Hits: 12 - Rate This | Details