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    Popular! Coping with Divorce or Separation
    This community is for people who are divorced, separated, in the process or even just thinking about it to talk, listen, share and support each other. Anyone is welcome to join. With well over 1,000 members, the list can be quite busy at times--you can lurk or you can post, it's up to you. You don't need to post to join, though, if you are more comfortable just reading, and getting support in that way. We have an open forum--chances are there is someone here who knows exactly what you are feeling and going through. Divorce is an emotional roller coaster--do not ride it alone! - 19-Feb-2000 - Hits: 2855 - Rate This | Details Top Rated matches adults to create surrogate extended family relationships. Matches are intended to develop into long term, platonic, familial relationships, which may include such activities as sharing holidays and providing emotional support. The service matches both intergenerationally and peer-to-peer. - 14-Nov-2009 - Hits: 610 - Rate This | Details
    Welcome to DearClover, a supportive community for basically everybody. It's a place where people seeking advice about life and love can get good, objective, free advice anonymously. Advice seekers do not need to become members to ask for advice. - 1-Mar-2012 - Hits: 234 - Rate This | Details
    Divorce Headquarters is a comprehensive user-friendly site for those considering or in the divorce process covering alimony, child support, taxes, financial planning, custody, visitation, books, working with attorneys. There are also national directories of matrimonial attorneys, mediators and support groups to help you find the help you need in your local area. - 10-Feb-2001 - Hits: 565 - Rate This | Details
    Marriage Guardian
    Marital problems don't go away on their own. Not knowing how to deal with them, too many couples let problems grow out of control before seeking help. Marriage counseling has advantages and dangers. So do marital self-help books and programs. Which route is right for you? Marriage Guardian looks at the pros and cons of both methods, and offers concrete advice to get you started no matter which you choose. - 27-Jun-2012 - Hits: 183 - Rate This | Details