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    Popular! Center for Loss and Renewal Top Rated
    The Center for Loss and Renewal is a berevement and consultation practice located in NYC. We have presented our workshops at seventeen hospices across the nation. Our site includes a monthly educational column, "On the path from loss to renewal." - 7-Mar-2000 - Hits: 1057 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Loving Miracles
    Are you looking for someone who understands body and food issues? If so, call Dr. Annette Colby, RD and meet with me as we share an enlightening experience that reconnects the physical body with the non-physical spirit, inspires the heart, and brings joy to life. Move past emotional eating, binge & compulsive eating, chronic dieting, weight issues, depression and limiting beliefs. Annette is an expert at helping people achieve beautiful lives. See for more information and a FREE inspirational weekly ezine entitled "Eating Peacefully". - 31-Aug-2007 - Hits: 1494 - Rate This | Details
    Doorways New
    Doorways is an outpatient mental health treatment center in Phoenix, Arizona, that specializes in helping teens and young adults with issues such as eating disorders, substance abuse, trauma, depression, bipolar disorder, mood disorders, ADHD and ADD, self harm, suicide prevention, and more.

    We provide faith-based treatment exclusively for adolescents, young adults, and their families in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

    We offer the highest quality counseling, dietitian, and psychiatric therapeutic professional services that include a holistic integration of emotional, relational, nutritional, and spiritual health for the whole person. - 10-Jul-2014 - Hits: 0 - Rate This | Details
    Riverview Behavioral Health New
    At Riverview Behavioral Health, instead of using a one-size-fits all approach to treatment, we offer a wide range of programs specifically designed for the different needs of older adults, adolescents, and children. For children and teens, we have an acute inpatient program and a residential treatment program, both designed to address behavioral issues like depression, self-harm, and other aggressive behaviors. Our acute inpatient program is a shorter term program used for stabilization, while our residential program is for those who need longer-term care. The goal for both of these program is to allow children and adolescents to move past their problems so they can reach their full potential. In addition to these programs we also provide intensive outpatient therapy, school based services, therapeutic day treatment, and traditional outpatient counseling. - 27-Jun-2014 - Hits: 4 - Rate This | Details
    12 Keys Recovery Center
    12 Keys recovery center offers a variety of residential treatment centers, alcohol treatment programs, drug and alcohol treatment centers. Our facility is located on 10 waterfront acres in Jensen Beach, Florida. While you are undergoing treatment, you can also participate in golfing, fishing, horseback riding and other activities.

    Contact us: 1-866-657-7230 - 17-Aug-2012 - Hits: 17 - Rate This | Details
    Abba Christian Counseling, PLLC
    Greetings friend, In life there are spiritual, physical, emotional and mental obstacles that test and challenge us. Here at Abba Christian Counseling, PLLC you will find a comfortable, non-judgmental, peaceful place to grow and heal. I will listen and guide you toward resolution and peace, while together we move toward an enhanced "you". I have a deep passion to see broken hearts become healed through an eclectic mix of counseling techniques while integrating biblical principles. It would be a pleasure to assist you on your journey, and walk with you as we explore your feelings and concerns. I am ready to listen when you are ready to share. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I will tailor your counseling based on your personal needs utilizing various proven techniques, including but not limited to: Christian Counseling, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing or CISD, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT, Eclecticism, Interpersonal Therapy, Rogerian Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy or SFBT. Specializations: Christian Counseling, Depression, Loss, Grief, Spirituality Services provided: Christian Counseling, Individual Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Premarital Counseling, Family Counseling - 17-Mar-2013 - Hits: 21 - Rate This | Details
    ABC Coaching and Counselling Services
    Jim Byrne is a Counselling Psychologist and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapist, helping individuals to overcome their emotional, behavioural and relationship problems, in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK; and globally over the internet and the telephone system. - 15-Nov-2005 - Hits: 133 - Rate This | Details
    Academy at Sisters
    Therapeutic boarding school for adolescent girls located in Bend, Oregon for at-risk girls 13-18 years old. Includes optional equine therapy program. Operating for 18 years. Average length of stay is 12-18 months. Proven, Individualized approach to therapy with Dr. Julie Schneider. Excellent academic results: Over a year, students on average jumped 2 grade levels in writing, 4.2 grade levels in math, and 2.3 grade levels in reading. - 2-Jan-2012 - Hits: 25 - Rate This | Details
    Addiction Medicine Group
    Addiction Medicine Group (AMG), is a private medical practice located at the Cedars Sinai Medical Office Towers,serves clients throughout Southern California the highest standard of addiction treatment in addition to the assessment and diagnosis of other underlying mental health conditions. The practice, founded by Mark Hrymoc, MD, offers an array of services to those seeking treatment including: evaluation, treatment planning, family-based intervention and support, outpatient detoxification, psychopharmacology, and drug-testing. - 10-Oct-2010 - Hits: 151 - Rate This | Details
    Adrienne K. Kijak L.C.S.W.
    In practice for over 20 years, I offer a wide range of therapeutic techniques to help you get what you want out of therapy. Most often this involves: relief from painful emotions, improved personal relationships, and increased satisfaction at work. Expect to feel momentum at each counseling session. - 28-Dec-2010 - Hits: 28 - Rate This | Details
    Adroita is a best center for clinical psychiatric neuroscience adult mental health, addiction disorder, genetic testing in psychiatry and women's mental health. Serving the Chicago metropolitan area with our clinic in Hinsdale, Illinois. Call: Call:(630) 560-6015. Email: Also know the basic information about mental health issues through our resource library page. - 12-Mar-2014 - Hits: 1 - Rate This | Details
    Agape Boarding School
    Agape is low cost non-profit Christian boarding school designed to care for and help parents of troubled or rebellious teens. Don't be fooled by the low cost, however, because the facilities and staff are first-class. Agape specializes in working with boys who are defiant or have learning difficulties. Rebellious teens become unmotivated in school, start hanging around with the wrong crowd, begin experimenting with alcohol or drugs, and may even run away. Once an adolescent begins to defy authority, the negative behaviors begin to escalate as well, and intervention is required. Agape offers a loving, safe, clean and affordable program where troubled teenage boys that struggle with authority or who have been swayed by their peers can get their lives back on track. For the past 20 years, Agape Christian Boarding School has helped thousands of boys that were once labeled as drop-outs and misfits, transforming them into respectful and respectable graduates, prepared for college and a bright future. - 15-Feb-2011 - Hits: 44 - Rate This | Details
    AJ Novick Group Top Rated
    The AJ Novick Group is a certified Anderson & Anderson provider in Anger Management, offering anger and stress management classes to adults, adolescents, individuals, couples, families, HR staff, employees and executives. We also teach skills in emotional intelligence and assertive communication. We are located centrally in southern California, based in Orange County. - 18-Feb-2004 - Hits: 183 - Rate This | Details
    Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors
    The Alliance of Hope (a 501c3 nonprofit) provides healing support for those grappling with the devastating aftermath of suicide loss. Our online community forum is clinically-moderated. It hosts thousands who have lost loved ones who died by suicide. We also offer counseling for you if you feel you need it after a loss of a loved one due to suicide. - 18-Oct-2011 - Hits: 31 - Rate This | Details




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