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    Popular! Anxiety Solutions
    Anxiety SolutionsSM is located in the Sebago Lakes region of southern Maine, in the town of Raymond. They provide outpatient therapy, OCD intensive programs, and an anxiety support group for those suffering from various anxiety disorders. - 6-Mar-2009 - Hits: 4099 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Center for Loss and Renewal Top Rated
    The Center for Loss and Renewal is a berevement and consultation practice located in NYC. They provide grief counseling, bereavement groups, individual psychotherapy for low self-esteem, depression and anxiety, couples counseling, EMDR, and grief in the workplace crisis debriefing. They have presented their workshops at seventeen hospices across the nation. Their website includes upcoming workshop dates and a monthly educational column, "On the path from loss to renewal." - 7-Mar-2000 - Hits: 1105 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Cognitive Therapy Associates
    Cognitive Therapy Associates (CTA) is a network of highly skilled, affiliated therapists (licensed clinical psychologists and social workers) who all use a therapeutic approach called Cognitive Therapy, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This kind of therapy has been demonstrated by clinical studies to be the most effective treatment for a variety of psychological difficulties: depression, anxiety/stress, panic, OCD, phobias, low self esteem, eating disorders, relationship problems, and more.

    CTA-affiliated therapists are located throughout New York City, Westchester County and Long Island. - 18-Jun-2008 - Hits: 986 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Dr. Marty Tashman Top Rated
    Dr. Marty Tashman is located in Somerset, NJ. He uses Focused Short Term Therapy (FSTT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and hypnosis to treat anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, pornography addiction, sexual addiction, alcohol problems, drug problems and gambling. - 28-Jun-2001 - Hits: 2193 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Schizophrenia Help
    Anne Sippi Clinics offers aid those suffering from severe mental illness. Their services include treatment-planning and case management, medication management, individual and group psychotherapy, residential care services, AB 1425 community living support services, outpatient services (symptom awareness, social skills and communication, coping skills, substance abuse prevention, medical training and physical health care, and pre-vocational training), and family counseling. - 20-Feb-2004 - Hits: 1636 - Rate This | Details
    Ann Silvers, M.A. New
    Ann Silvers, M.A. works with adult women and men as couples and individuals in her office in Gig Harbor, WA where she offers individual and couples counseling and coaching, and hypnosis.

    Her website also offers many products (books, interactive card sets, hypnosis recordings and scripts) that may be useful to therapists and to the general public. Blog entries deal primarily with the various ways that women can inflict abuse upon men and with dispelling the notion that such abuse does not occur. - 7-Sep-2015 - Hits: 3 - Rate This | Details
    Carolina House New
    Carolina House provides eating disorder treatment for male and female adolescents and adults, ages 17 and older. Programs are offered at two locations, residential treatment set in a rural farmhouse in Durham, NC and a community-based day treatment and intensive outpatient center in Raleigh, NC. Treatment services incorporate dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and 12-step interventions. - 14-Sep-2015 - Hits: 6 - Rate This | Details
    Center for Hope of the Sierras New
    With care available for male and female adolescents and adults, Center for Hope of the Sierras supplies eating disorder treatment near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Reno, NV. They offer residential (RTC), partial hospitalization (PHP), and intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment. Program features a strong emphasis on the Intuitive Eating philosophy and incorporation of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). - 14-Sep-2015 - Hits: 4 - Rate This | Details
    Chat Live MD New
    By allowing patients to see a doctor by phone or video chat Chat Live MD seeks to provide affordable access to healthcare for the insured, underinsured, uninsured, remote and the immobile. This service is intended for non-emergency issues, and grants access to state-licensed doctors including pediatricians, dermatologists, psychologists, neurologists, and more. - 1-Oct-2015 - Hits: 0 - Rate This | Details
    Clarapy New
    Clarapy offers relationship & marriage advice anonymously from qualified therapists as an app available to Android and iOS-capable smartphones. Services cater to those needing help for long distance relationship advice, new relationship advice or how to save a relationship, among other issues. - 24-Sep-2015 - Hits: 103 - Rate This | Details
    Interface-Samaritan Counseling Centers New
    Based in Houston, TX, Interface-Samaritan is a clinical nonprofit that specializes in providing mental-health counseling for under-served demographics at affordable rates. All counselors adhere to an integrated approach that treats body, mind, and spirit. Staff includes licensed professional counselors and a psychiatrist. - 9-Sep-2015 - Hits: 1 - Rate This | Details
    Montecatini New
    Montecatini is an eating disorder treatment program for adolescent and adult women located in Carlsbad, CA that provides individualized treatment at residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient levels of care. Treatment provided is holistic and multidisciplinary that incorporates medical management, psychiatric care, individual, group and family therapy, and nutrition counseling. - 14-Sep-2015 - Hits: 656 - Rate This | Details
    Prominent Pathways, LLC New
    Through telephone coaching, Prominent Pathways, LLC seeks to help those with physical disabilities overcome their unique challenges and achieve their life goals. A free initial session is offered and, assuming a great fit between coach and client, further sessions can then be made. - 4-Sep-2015 - Hits: 9 - Rate This | Details
    12 Keys Best Rehab Center
    12 Keys Rehabilitation Center is a drug and alcohol treatment facility located in Jensen Beach, FL. Treatment at 12 Keys Best Rehab can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days, and involves a medically supervised detox followed by intense multidisciplinary therapy sessions. Clients undergo both group and individual counseling and are provided with a sponsor to give crucial support throughout the process. - 17-Aug-2012 - Hits: 37 - Rate This | Details
    A Studio for Change
    The Studio for Change is a counseling center where adults, teens, children, couples, and families who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, or social challenges can figure out their next best steps in life. They are a group of psychotherapists, social workers, counselors, psychologists, and consultants who provide supportive and effective counseling and educational services to address a variety of issues and concerns and help children, teenagers, and adults improve their coping skills, better manage their emotions, and get motivated and prepared to bring about significant, self-selected life changes. Located in Chicago, IL. - 3-Feb-2015 - Hits: 20 - Rate This | Details
    Aaron Beck Psychology Center of Granada (Spain)
    Located in Granada (Spain) the Aaron Beck Psychology Center of Granada is comprised of a team of psychologists with extensive experience in the different psychological, emotional and behavioral problems that people may have in their daily lives and in their relationships.

    This treatment center caters primarily to those with mood disorders (such as bipolar disorder and depression) or anxiety disorders (such as phobias, panic attacks, or obsessive-compulsive disorders). - 17-Aug-2015 - Hits: 4 - Rate This | Details
    ABC Counselling
    Jim Byrne is a Counselling Psychologist and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapist, helping individuals to overcome their emotional, behavioural and relationship problems, in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK; and globally over the internet and the telephone system. In addition to professional counselling and coaching services, their website also offers books, information packs and training courses in counselling and related subjects; as well as the ABC Counselling Members' Club. - 15-Nov-2005 - Hits: 238 - Rate This | Details
    Acadia Vermilion
    Vermilion Behavioral Health Center is located in Lafayette, LA. They are accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by the State of Louisiana. They serve adolescents, adults, geriatrics and members of the military suffering from mental illness, chemical dependency, and co-occurring disorders. - 12-Sep-2014 - Hits: 42 - Rate This | Details
    Adaptive Therapy
    Adaptive Therapy provides family, marital & individual counseling, as well as hypnotherapy for stress, anxiety, weight loss and smoking cessation in the Charles County, MD area. Counseling services are provided in their offices located in La Plata, MD. - 10-Dec-2010 - Hits: 127 - Rate This | Details
    ADD Coach 4 U
    Pete Quily is a professional ADHD coach who has ADHD and has been coaching adults with ADHD since 2003 over the telephone on 3 continents. This website also offers resources and articles about adult ADD (attention deficit disorder), including ADHD Clinical Resources for Medical Professionals, Adult ADHD Screening Test for Symptoms of ADHD, and 35 Canadian ADHD Support Groups (listings by Province). - 25-Mar-2005 - Hits: 285 - Rate This | Details
    Addiction Medicine Group
    Addiction Medicine Group (AMG), is a private medical practice serving clients throughout Southern California with addiction treatment, as well as assessment and diagnosis of other underlying mental health conditions. The practice, founded by Mark Hrymoc, MD, offers an array of services to those seeking treatment including: evaluation, treatment planning, family-based intervention and support, outpatient detoxification, psychopharmacology, and drug-testing. Located in the Cedars-Sinai office towers, Los Angeles, CA. - 10-Oct-2010 - Hits: 201 - Rate This | Details
    Adolescent Treatment at Newport Academy
    Newport Academy is a gender-specific, comprehensive treatment program for adolescents suffering from mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse issues. The program combines the key elements essential in effectively treating adolescent girls and boys with substance abuse and other mental health disorders. Multiple locations within the US. Free, private consultations available. - 27-May-2011 - Hits: 114 - Rate This | Details
    Adrienne K. Kijak L.C.S.W.
    In practice for over 20 years, Adrienne Kijak, LCSW, offers a wide range of therapeutic techniques to help individuals in need of relief from painful emotions, improved personal relationships, and increased satisfaction at work. Located in Claremont, CA. - 28-Dec-2010 - Hits: 48 - Rate This | Details